Durrat Marina



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The Project Company will promote a luxurious residential lifestyle in an integrated community. The central attraction of the project will be a marina with a recreational centre, chalets, waterfront retail, restaurants and cafes for the public to enjoy. The waterfront and lagoons design will be a major advantage for the project, making it a world class retail and leisure destination. The project will be state-of the-art, offering sea views or stunning views of the adjacent golf course.

The project will contain large and medium villas and townhouses. Most of the households will be living in apartments which will be in 4 storey, 6 storey, 8 storey, 10 storey, 12 storey and 20 storey buildings. The master plan also includes two iconic 30 storey towers. Retail units will be on the waterfront and will consist of shops and restaurants/cafes and will be within walking distance of the heart of the project, the marina.


Within Durrat Al Bahrain