HAJ provides a broad range of services that offers individual or integrated solutions through specialist knowledge in Project Management, Cost Management and Client Representation. We recognize that each project offers unique challenges and our dedicated and diverse team offers the highest level of service and expertise to meet the particular requirements of your project.


HAJ offers a complete range of Cost Management services from project inception to completion, utilising highly qualified and experienced quantity surveyors from a broad construction background. Our primary objective is to provide transparent, meaningful and effective cost control throughout the project life-cycle. Our pro-active and collaborative approach engages all parties to find the most cost effective solution to meet your requirements, ensuring that value for money is realised. Our system provide familiarity and clarity enabling key decision makers to manage the project in an informed and timely manner.

HAJ project managers, combining engineering, commercial and design experience, takes ownership of your vision and provides the leadership and skill to transform that vision into reality. Be it a residential, retail, commercial, hotel, resort or infrastructure HAJ project managers will provide insightful dynamic solutions to your projects. Using proven management techniques and procedures the highly qualified team will carefully organize and control each process and step along the journey to ensuring a successful completion of each project.


We also offer a Client Representative Service whereby our all round skills and experience are combined to provide a very senior level of management for a project. This leaves you free to explore other ventures safe in the knowledge that we are protecting your vision and your interests.